A visit to Church in Indore

Indore have been famous for many things’. The city offers a lot of things that would blow your mind. I have visited many places in a day or two when i was at Indore for 5 days. The places i visited were Military area, memorial place, famous Ganesh temple, other temples too and some of the churches too. Some of which i would  mention in my blog.

#1 Red Church

This is a must visit place for all God lovers. The Red Church is also known as St. Francis of Assisi, Cathedral and  is a holy shrine where God believers gather everyday  in large numbers to offer their prayers.

Location –  10, Godhra Hwy, Red Church Colony, Navlakha, Indore, Madhya Pradesh


#2 White Church

White Church is  one of the oldest churches in central India. The church displays the ancient British architecture, which was prevalent in most of the protestant churches in Britain. The church was mainly built for the Christians living in India and the army personnel who came to the city often during the pre‐independence era. The church beautifully adorned with light on the auspicious day of “good Friday” and this is the place which is visited by the peoples of each religion in the search of spiritual peace.

Location-  Pipliyahana Road, White Church Colony, Indore, Madhya Pradesh


#3 St. Anne’s Church

One of the most prominent attractions of the city is  St. Anne’s Church. This church is one of the oldest churches of the region and flocked by tourists and devotees all year-round. The structure of the church epitomises great architectural work and is worth admiring. To spend some peaceful time, this is the best place to be.

These are some of the famous churches in Indore i visited in a day. Some more of them i will mention when i visit the next time to Indore and to new churches there.

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