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Funny Jargons and Nicknames

A jargonis a technical terminology unique to a particular subject and typically known to only a particular group of persons who are in that profession.  To the rest of the populace, this shall be incomprehensible or plain gibberish.

Trade Jargon or Nicknames are common place in any profession such as in computer field where “CPU” is a term for Central Processing Unit or brain of the computer. In medicine,“NPO” is the term for a patient should not take anything by mouth.  A business jargon called “sweat equity” means getting a stake in the business instead of payor a “Chief cook and bottle-washer” means a person who holds many varied responsibilities.

Police have their own jargon called “Code Eight” which is a term that means officer needs help immediately or a “Code Eleven” which is a code that means the individual is at the scene of the crime.  I am sure you have heard political jargons like “left wing” and “right wing” and even Internet jargons of today like CYA meaning “See You Around” or LOL meaning “Laugh out Loud”.

Believe me, Currency Traders and Foreign Exchange market players go one step further.  They have jargons like “currency pair” which denotes the cross-rate between two currencies. However, wait till you hear some of their quirky nicknames for the currencies and currency pairs they trade in.  “Aussie” is a very common term for the Australian dollar (AUD), with AUD/USD often called the “Aussie-dollar”. Two recently-coined nicknames are “Barnie” and “Betty”, with “Barnie” being used in reference to the USD/RUB pair and “Betty” being a nickname of the EUR/RUB pair.

One of the most frequently used nicknames in the foreign exchange is “Cable”, which refers to the GBP/USD pair. The term can be traced back to the mid-19th century, during which time the exchange rate between the two currencies was transmitted across the Atlantic Ocean via a submarine communications cable. The term “Cable” is sometimes used to refer to the pound sterling (GBP) as well.

The term “Chunnel” is an abbreviation of the “Channel Tunnel” connecting Britain to France and is used to refer to the EUR/GBP currency pair. “Fiber” is the nickname of the euro. It is believed that the term originates from the fact that the paper used for euro banknotes is made of pure cotton fiber. The term “Fiber” is sometimes also used to refer to the EUR/USD currency pair.

Gopher/Guppy/Geppyareall three terms which are used to refer to the GBP/JPY pair, with “Guppy” being the most popular of the three. A popular term in the foreign exchange market, “Kiwi” is used in reference to the New Zealand dollar (NZD). The term derives from the kiwi bird, an indigenous species which represents the national symbol of the country. This bird is also depicted on the one-dollar coin.Another popular nickname among traders, “Loonie” is used to refer to the Canadian dollar (CAD), mainly due to the image of a loon that is depicted on the one-dollar coin. “Ninja” is the nickname of the USD/JPY pair and “Yuppy” is a nickname for the EUR/JPY pair.

– Excerpts about Currency Nicknames taken from

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