Haunted Places In India That Will Blow Your Mind

Haunted Places In India That Will Blow Your Mind

Believe it or not, there are many haunted places in India which would blow your mind completely. Places that are haunted or possess some spirits are everybody’s favourite late-night discussion. But whether you believe in ghosts and spirits or not, even you have to admit, the spookiness of these places and the history associated with them can scare the daylights out of even the bravest.

India is a beautiful yet mysterious country that has a lot of secrets and stories of palaces, forts, kings, queens, prince, princess, treasures, battles etc. There are numerous reportedly haunted places of India. Some of which i would mention.

These are some places India, that are said to be haunted by ghosts or other supernatural beings, including demons.


#1 Dow Hill of Kurseong, West Bengal

Dow Hill in Kurseong is considered by believers to be one of the most haunted places in West Bengal, especially in the corridors of Victoria Boys’ School and in the surrounding woods. A number of murders have taken place in the forest.

                                       Dow Hill of Kurseong, West Bengal

#2 Kuldhara

A site in the Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan, once a prosperous village inhabited by Paliwal Brahmins from 13th to early 19th centuries. Local legends hold that the Paliwals cursed the village with a haunting to frighten anyone who tried to occupy it. The local residents around the area do not believe in the legends, but propagate them for tourism.The village is believed to be haunted.



#3 Hastings House, Alipore, Kolkata

This is one of the most ancient buildings in Kolkata. It was constructed by Governor General Warren Hastings, and later it became the Governor’s residence. Now, Calcutta University runs a women’s college here. Many students have reported to see ghosts inside the building and on the grounds.

                                            Hastings House, Alipore, Kolkata

#4 Jamali Kamali Mosque and Tomb

It is located in the archaeological village complex in Mehrauli, Delhi, the complex is said to be haunted. There have been reports of people being slapped by invisible forces and hearing ghostly voices from adjoining graves. As a result, the fakirs call upon Jinns on every Thursday.



                                        Jamali Kamali Mosque and Tomb


#5  Dumas Beach, Surat – Gujarat

The Place has been used for cremation. In night you can hear voices but you can’t see anyone. In one article, it was mentioned that people have gone there and then never returned.


                    Dumas Beach, Surat – Gujarat, a haunted beach


#6 The Church Of Three Kings, Goa

The story behind this church is a classic example of why there is enough in the world for man’s need, but not his greed. Back in the day, three Portuguese kings always fought over the kingdom of Goa. Finally, one of them called the other two for a meeting at the now famous The Church Of Three Kings, and poisoned them. When the people discovered what the king had done, they came after him in a bloodthirsty horde. Unwilling to be lynched in public, he committed suicide by consuming poison. All the three were buried in the same church. Since then this place is believed to be haunted.

                                         The Church Of Three Kings, Goa


These are some places in India which are believed to be haunted and is avoided a visit by people.


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