Mumbai And Its Nightlife

Mumbai And Its Nightlife

Mumbai is a city which is meant to be one of the most known city for nightlife. It is said that, when one is in Mumbai you should experience the nightlife of the city. From nightclubs, to resto bars, from cafes to street food, from midnight tea to chill at Marine lines. Everything is an amazing experience all together.       

                           ‘I Love Mumbai’ art installation near Juhu grabs eyeballs


Mumbai is a city that loves to party and that is quite evident by the number of nightclubs in Mumbai and the pubs in Mumbai. Almost every part of this city has some really interesting bars and nightclubs for the city’s party loving crowd to make the most of their party nights. The best clubs in Mumbai attract not only the city’s party loving crowd but also travellers from different parts of the country and other parts of the world as well.


Some of the best clubs in Mumbai.

#1 Alibii

Alibi isn’t the biggest club in Mumbai, but on any give night, the club usually fills up to capacity as the night progresses.

#2 Trilogy

Sprawling 2-floor nightclub with dazzling crystal lighting and Arabian Sea views serving Asian food.


#3 Royalty

Chandelier-lit nightspot with speakeasy-style bars, a champagne lounge and dance floor, plus DJs.


#4 Blue Frog

This luxurious club features regular parties with live acts, a global menu and modern design.

Nariman Point is another amazing place to get some peace at night in Mumbai

Nariman point is the must visit place in mumbai for first timer or frequent tourist for business or pleasure.This is a purely commercial place but it offer you a breath taking pic of sea, walkeshvar, queen necklace, it’s a fun place to be visited in any weather, it’s beautiful all the time. You can get budget food in back lanes of nariman point as well as fine dine options are also available.

Also, midnight snacks at Nariman Point/ Marine lines

The street food at night in Mumbai is another best thing to do. The midnight coffee/chai, Channa/ Bhel. Not one the street food but the cafes which serves you best food at night are,

Todi Mill Social, Cafe Zoe, Live by Night, The Irish House,Toto’s Garage , AER – Rooftop Bar etc. And very importantly Bademiya.

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