One day in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia is one of the favourite holiday destinations for Indians due to its affordable beaches and proximity to India. There is something for everyone in this small island nation which is surrounded by pristine beaches. Kuala Lumpur is the capital city and is also known as KL. Over the years, KL has  developed as a stop-over destination for long flights to Australia, New Zealand and other nearby destinations. So, if you are travelling to one of these countries and have a stop-over in KL then you should  make the most of it.

You can start the day by catching airport express to KL Sentral and visit Petronas Towers. The steel architecture of the twin towers and the bridge adjoining them are something to be marvelled at. Be sure to reach there early in the morning to avoid long queues. Entire tour will take around 45 minutes and this will surely leave you mesmerised.

For shopping enthusiasts, one cannot expect anything better than Suria Mall which is situated right below the Petronas towers. It has all the famous brands and you  can spend a whole day  checking out all the shops. On the top floor of the mall there is an amazing food court with fine-dine options also available. Be sure to  carry enough local currency  to make the most of your shopping appetite as using your credit card might inflate your bill by almost 4-5%.  One of the attractive options these days is to carry a pre-loaded foreign currency card which works just like your credit card but  helps you save on the currency conversion costs.

Another major attraction in KL is the Chinatown market. It is  only a  15-minute drive from KL Sentral. This is the  place for people looking to buy souvenirs and strike other bargain deals. You can get everything from sunglasses, clothing, bags, shoes and tattoo parlours. This area starts  buzzing with life around noon and gets into full action by night time.

Trip to KL is not complete without a visit to the BatuCaves. These limestone caves are bit far from the city and one can either take a private vehicle or taxi or simply take a  train from KL Sentral. It takes around 30 minutes to reach there. These are limestone caves of Hindu Gods. They rise almost 100 meters above the ground level and one has to climb 272 steps to reach the main set of caves.

Once you finish exploring the Batu Caves, you  can catch a train back to the airport. And your day in KL comes to an end although your heart yearns for more . This is the best itinerary one can fit within  one day in KL .  To enjoy all the sights and attractions at KL, don’t forget to purchase your Malaysian Ringgits before you leave India.

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