Street Food Of Indore

Indore has got a lot of delicious street food around the city and town. It is amazing to see how people around the city are crazy about food. One can see some freshly made sweets by milk in MHOW, a town in Indore. Indore is a city which has got street food like Mumbai itself. But Mhow is the town where you get to eat some different variety of street food which you wont’ get it in the city.

#1 Pani Patashe

Pani Patashe is basically Pani Puri in mumbai. It is one of the famous street food of Mhow, Indore. There were two different types of puri, one of maida and other of rawa (suji).

#2 Varieties of Samosa

Mhow has got amazing variety of samosas’. Some of vegetables, some of onions, some of nonveg (kheema). And many varieties of it which we do not get to taste every where in India. So this tastes amazing and one should for sure try this for once and share their experience because it tastes so good that will make you eat every day till the time you are in the town, Mhow.

#3 Poha of Indore

Mhow has got poha of its own kind. In mumbai we put coconut on poha for toppings. But the poha in Mhow is served differently. They use pomegranate and some different types of Shev (popular indian snack) for the toppings which tastes amazing and has got its unique way to serve poha.

#4 Kachori

Kachori’s in Indore are very famous. They are round dough balls stuffed with potatoes, onion, daal and served with coriander/mint chutney and sweet tamarind chutney. You will notice in Mhow it is the everyday breakfast and evening snack.

#5 Lassi in Mhow

The lassi in Mhow is very rich and tasty and is pretty much thick. Also, salted. It is very famous and is served in a good amount. As it is said that punjab is famous for lassi and is served in a big glass. So is with indore, lassi is famous here and is served in good amount and is pretty much good in taste.

#6 Fried Garadu


Garadu is a root that is cut into cubes, deep-fried, almost doused in lemon juice and served with a garnish of fresh coriander leaves and a special chat masala. This is an Indori specialty – unlikely to be found elsewhere.

These are some of the famous street food in and around Indore. One should try all of these for sure, for an amazing experience.

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