Travel plan to India?

Travel plan to India?


India is a country where people throughout the country live happily and welcome people from other countries with lots of love and happiness. Today India is one of the top country where lots of tourist visit to get a lot to learn and to get knowledge about all the rituals, culture and traditions.     

                                              Indian people with all love and happiness

The Indian culture has gained lots of popularity all over the world. Indian culture is considered as the oldest and very interesting culture of the world. People living here belong to different religions, traditions, foods, dress, etc. People of different cultures and traditions living here are socially interdependent that’s why there is an existence of strong bond unity in the diversity of religions.

                                           Culture and Traditions of India

India is pretty much famous for its flavours. People throughout the country visit India for its  authentic flavours. The spices India uses is very rich and is personally prepared. Also, the food according to particular state is different which belongs to its own state. Not only high quality food people in India prefer. But the local cuisine is pretty much famous. The street food here in India is something that is given a lot more importance. It is amazing to travel street-to-street for amazing and delicious street food, which is always in budget and is an amazing experience.

                                                   India, famous for street food


We have 29 states in India and each have their unique way of dressing. Traditional Indian clothing varies with community, religion and region all across the country. The diverse styles of clothing have attracted the attention of people all around the world. These cloths are vibrant, beautiful, comfortable. Festivals are one of the best ways to get into the depth of Indian culture.

                                                   Rajasthani traditional attire


The last thing i would end up with is the Indian festival. The festivals which has lots of importance throughout the world. Also, not only Indian people has respect and know the importance for the Indian festivals’. But, people from various countries visit India to be a part of some festivals by their own. The festivals of India is most amazing thing which lights up the country and give’s a feel of living again.

                                                The great Indian festivals


It would always’ be a best decision to travel India. One can experience a lot amazing moments and can cherish them throughout their life.


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